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Friday, October 01, 2010

Healthy Active Ageing Virtual Global Discussion Forum: Int. Day of Older Persons 2010

Dear Colleagues,

The World Health Organization, Departments of Reproductive Health and Research, Human Resources for Health, University of Iowa Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence, and Partners would like to invite you to join Healthy Active Ageing Virtual Global Discussion Forum - 1-12 October 2010.

Join us in creating an interprofessional network involving representatives from health professions, policy makers, programme managers, international organizations/agencies, universities, research institutes and our clients to share our knowledge and experience on issues that affect healthy ageing.

REGISTER NOW! http://knowledge-gateway.org/ahaa

Share your experience, your opinion on issues that affect us all, as individuals, families and health practitioners. Contribute through this forum to the policy and practice dialogue.

During this twelve day forum you will receive two emails per day; one email to introduce the day’s questions and one daily digest of the contributions. Daily questions will be disseminated within three topic areas:

  • Challenges and opportunities to support healthy active ageing
  • Sharing of success stories
  • Caring for older persons with dementia
Once you have registered you can participate in the forum simply by responding to the daily emails or sending a message directly to ahaa at knowledge-gateway.org

You can also log into http://knowledge-gateway.org/ahaa to browse the archived discussions and resource materials.

For any questions on this Virtual Global Discussion Forum please contact the forum facilitator: 

Christina Fusco christyfusco at gmail.com

Please pass this invitation onto your colleagues and networks.

With kind regards,

Maggie Usher-Patel
Scientist/IBP Secretariat

My source: HIFA2015

Additional links:
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International Day of Older Persons - http://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/un/international-older-persons-day

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