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Friday, October 22, 2010

Care origin(s) and open access #OAW2010

The most striking and ubiquitous presence in the health career model is its basic diagrammatic form. The image at left provides some mathematical additions and there at the center is the origin.

In this respect the model (literally) draws our attention to the identification of the care problems, constraints, strengths, solutions that affect the individual with whom we are engaged. We are immediately aware that there is inevitably more than one aspect to consider.

To save repetition I am only going to refer to problems. So, the model's form highlights that there is no single origin of problems, but many. At some time a problem, for example physical, may become the priority. Then the SCIENCES domain is critical. Deprivation of liberty concerns may split the priority creating tension across the INTER-intraPERSONAL and POLITICAL domains.

As priorities are dealt with there needs to be a return to the -


The question is asked: in which care domains do the problems lie? We call this re-assessment and evaluation.

In Open Access Week the health care model is also 'open access'. Not just in terms of being a free, accessible resource available to all, but being discipline agnostic, neutral and applicable across cultures and ethnic groups. The model is also open in terms of mindset. The users of h2cm provide that and as they do open* and origin-al care unique to the individual has a chance to follow.

*Open care? Mmm...

Image source: origin - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Coordinate_with_Origin.svg

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