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Monday, February 06, 2012

Follow-up: Drupal ScienceCamp Cambridge 20-21st Jan 2012

Stefan van Hooft @_iCompute kindly took these notes for the Mental Health session, 10.45am 22 January 2012 (mentioned previously on W2tQ). Stefan captured the topics that were quickly and briefly raised among the seven attendees (contact details provided but withheld here). I have added some [additional comments] and my response follows:

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Mental Health #mhuk #ukmh [global mental health hash?]

Sparkle [SparQL]

• accessibility within website
• openair Open source mental health [OpenEHR]
• mental health record
• care plans
Who has access to information?

•  Set up a system, you can give and revoke others access to your data
• "Flourishing" or "In treatment"

Use Drupal:
     - distribution
     - accessibility
Is there a Group on drupal.org about mental health?

Security is crucial!
Pubsubhubbup [ http://code.google.com/p/pubsubhubbub/ ]
Spartacus report
Burn out
#Nhssm, NHS social media

Dear Stefan and All,


I am interested in the application you showed, it reminds me of the STAR - SPIDER format and approach. I think there's a tool like this in forensic mental health - and no doubt other areas?


At some point Stefan it would be good to feature your image based tool when suitably complete on my blog; do you have a video at all?


If anyone is interested in receiving more details on Hodges model please let me know. This model looks simple but it is really powerful in terms of scope and application.

In addition should anyone have key resource suggestions to add here they would be much appreciated:



Matthew mentioned the possibility of a small gathering combining mental health and Drupal. I'd be pleased to help with publicity - twitter, FB, Linkedin and the blog and have links with many other groups.


Here is the link to the health care Drupal group:


- note at the top the link to Drupal health care sites.


Here is openEHR which I mentioned:


RDF and related



Lovely to meet everyone and really pleased to have the chance to share an hour (after the meeting) with Beatrice and Matthew. It is *great* in fact that the mental health and disability came up at a Drupal meet. I hope to attend Drupalcon Munich so maybe there is scope for a BoF meeting in the summer?


Shortly I'll post some additional observations by Matthew Taylor another participant. There I'll expand on my requirements and expectations of Drupal.

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