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Thursday, February 02, 2012

h2cm at 7th Annual Social Work Action Network Conference (SWAN)

The final programme is still to be confirmed, but I'll be presenting Hodges' model as a workshop next month at the 7th Annual Social Work Action Network Conference (SWAN). This will be hosted by Liverpool Hope University on 30 and 31 March 2012. This is a 40 minute train journey for me - a nice change.

As the website states: There will be two sessions of the conference made available to people to present their own research or conduct workshops. We are keen to facilitate alternative styles of presentation and would encourage people to consider group presentations, dramas, art-based workshops, social pedagogical based presentations as well, of course, as more traditional research presentations.

For several decades I have worked with many Social Workers: sitting across the desk at a community mental health project; as team members; doing joint home and residential care visits; being chased for assessment reports for 'Panel'. It will be very interesting to take in the activistic fervour at the conference. The other aspect of social work I am aware of is the relentless re-organisation they face - in common with health.

I also relish the opportunity to see how Hodges' model is received. A presentation and workshop will be prepared. Is h2cm the generic, multidisciplinary and universally applicable conceptual framework that I believe it to be?

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