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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Take II: Awaiting an appt with Nd:YAG

Two years ago in 2010 and post-cataract surgery I was literally full of the light and colour of a new year:

"2010" definitely not - future vision is 20:20!

Working in health you know not to take anything for granted, to live for today and what side effects and outcomes can follow clinical interventions. So, over the past six months I've noticed reduced vision in my left eye. Now I've no focus at all. Here's the situation across the four care domains:

It is frustrating to have difficulties again, but always sobering to be reminded of what being 'sighted' means. As I drive and also convey others I constantly consider the safety question.

The extent of the deterioration is scary. My vision is still brighter than before the intraocular catarct surgery. Being a 'bloke', or plain stupid (what does medical sociology have to say about that?) I've put off addressing this, but time now to act mechanistically and get this fixed.
For some 6-9 months I have experienced blurred vision in my left eye. Now I cannot see distance or read with glasses. Flaring is starting in the right with headlights at night when driving. Problem: posterior capsular opacification.
After cataract - Posterior capsular opacification post-cataract surgery(seen on retroillumination)
Solution: treatment using a Nd:YAG laser - neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet; Nd:Y3Al5O12. Future side effect includes increased floaters, but my vision should be markedly improved and balanced once more.
It will be very good to have both eyes 'online' again. I've 3-4 days of leave left, and will head to the Lakes next month. Time to walk, run and pick up Drupal again. It is a reminder of the past going back to Wigan, the hospital where I did my general nursing.
Recognising I had a problem and the likely cause, I by-passed the opticians and went straight to my family doctor and asked to be referred to the hospital - Wigan RAEI were the initial surgery took place. The 'systems' including Choose and Book ran smoothly apart from instructions on telephone numbers to contact me.

Whether or not my vision will be '20:20' or better, I will just be grateful to be able to see as well as I possibly can.

Image source:
Rakesh Ahuja, MD

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