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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Health in the Round - A paper Griffiths et al. ...

The quote below from Griffiths et al. highlights what might be described as health in the round. As the authors address: the rapid growth of online social networking for health, health care systems are experiencing an inescapable increase in complexity - they contrast disease-centred health care with patient-centred. In so doing they distinguish the mechanistic tendencies in health care systems with the humanistic. For me reading this section of the paper was a circumnavigation of health and social care domains of Hodges' model:

Good communication between doctors and patients has been widely recognised by professional bodies in North America (AAMC, 1999) and Europe (GMC, 2009) as essential to the delivery of health care and appears to contribute to healing (Street, Makoul, Arora, & Epstein, 2009). Stewart (2001) has argued for a shift away from disease-centred biomedicine to a more holistic patient-centred alternative. This approach encompasses: exploring the patient’s reason for consulting; developing an understanding of their context; finding common ground in problem characterisation and management; supporting health promotion; and enabling the doctor-patient relationship to continue (Stewart et al., 2003). Patient-centred practice reflects (Bensing, 2000) a set of social and political ideas about the nature of the doctor patient relationship (Mead & Bower, 2000), which, it could be argued, forms a complex system (Situngkir, 2004). p.2237.

Griffiths, F., Cave, J., Boardman, F., Ren, J., Pawlikowska, T., Ball, R., Clarke, A., Cohen, A. (2012). Social networks - The future for health care delivery. Social Science & Medicine. 75: 2233-2241.

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