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Friday, January 11, 2013

Thanks Gerry for pulling some strings

Today it was Gerry Anderson's funeral. I am a child of that generation Thunderbirds, Joe 90, UFO - great TV.

In 2008 I found myself back in my old home town and an old friend from junior school got in touch. One of John's memories regards my dad who passed away in 2003 was the fact that when John came around in the very early 70s my dad would watch Thunderbirds with us too.

It really was family entertainment. Visionary, innovative, humane in its messages and delivery; and like the web today the stories counted. There was humour and human frailty on display too, a great primer for a future mental health nurse.

There are favourite episodes - that featuring Fireflash, the Sidewinder, Sunprobe and Zero X from the film Thunderbirds Are Go that I saw on first release at the cinema.

I acquired a love of film soundtracks from the marriage of music and the action in Thunderbirds. Fusion existed in the 60s. Even before Star Trek arrived in the UK there was hope and optimism for the future.

Thanks Gerry!

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