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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Papers, case formulation and hyperbole

I am enjoying a three night break in Keswick where it is dry, windy and chilly. Invigorating for all that.

In between taking in the hills and the atmospherics of the skies I am working on completing the revision to the - scope of nursing - paper. There is still a paragraph to lose to reduce the length for the target journal.

The case formulation and h2cm paper is taking shape too - 5,000 words. I am sure the ongoing advice and thoughts of my co-author on the scope effort is making a difference. As a result the case formulation paper will be in final draft form soon. Then I'll seek some feedback from a CBT therapist before trying to locate a journalistic home. Here's a snippet from the draft:

... If the talking therapies are specialised forms of conversation then we should also be able see case formulation as being on a continuum, derived from narratives that can include extreme case formulation, and hyperbole (Norrick, 2004). The specific therapies discussed here [cognitive behavioural therapy and cognitive analytical therapy] are concerned with overstatement and exaggeration in thought not just speech. Things may be said in everyday speech that are rhetorical and not necessarily indicative of deeply held core, dysfunctional beliefs. ...
Norrick, N.R. (2004). Hyperbole, extreme case formulation. Journal of Pragmatics 36. 1727–1739.

I receive regular reminders about a part time PhD application that remains incomplete. So I will address this too (and check other opportunities) over the next few days.

Post on a new laptop and a socio-technical-existential addiction to follow ....

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