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Thursday, March 21, 2013

"How to Avoid Mistakes in Surgery" BBC TV Horizon 21/03/2013 2100 UT

On 03/18/13 9:45 AM, Martin Bromiley wrote:
About two years ago I approached Dr Kevin Fong with an idea for a BBC scientific programme, and at last it’s happened. Since September I’ve been working with Kevin and the BBC Horizon team to pull together a programme about human factors in healthcare. It looks at how learning about the human in the system and the system itself can bring about enormous improvements in safety and outcomes that technology and medical science can only aspire to.

Kevin and the Horizon team have produced something inspirational yet scientific, and - just as importantly - is by a clinician, for clinicians. It's written in a way that will appeal to both those in healthcare and the public. It uses a tragic death to highlight human factors that all of us are prone to, and looks at how we can learn from others both in and outside healthcare to make a real difference in the future.

Although the BBC Management chose a surgery based title for the programme to gain mass public appeal the lessons of this programme are for everyone in healthcare.

It would wonderful if you could pass on details of the programme to anyone you know who works in healthcare. My goal is that by the end of this week, every one of the 1 million or so people who work in healthcare in the UK will be able to watch it (whether on Thursday or on iPlayer). BBC 2 Thursday 21 March 2100 UK


Martin Bromiley

My source: Joy Whitlock via LinkedIn

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