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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Space to reflect

2013 could be quite a year for comets, at least in the northern hemisphere.

As we reflect in our studies and at work it is vital to take a breathe and reflect when we can on things otherwordly - Comet PanSTARRS:

Weather permitting after work  I will visit Parbold Hill to get a good view of the western horizon.

I've tried on two evenings - 12th - 13th - to spot PanSTARRS without success. There's still time as it moves north. The new moon was quite a sight last evening. Through the binoculars a jet very low down looked like a rocket - the shuttle taking off. Between the low clouds I watched the sun set: cue reflection

APOD archive southern appearance: comets Lemmon & PanSTARRS

Image source: NASA.

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