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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Part I: Pensioners, 'Health students' and Children NHS@75?

As the NHS celebrated its 65th birthday its mobility is clearly challenged.

There are signs of furniture-walking now. Admittedly, there are no asylums now to step from to the cottage hospital, oops nearly! Phew - made it - to the fever hospital. Thankfully, those mobility aids are no more - a great sign of progress.

The pressure for ongoing change is relentless. This week's HSJ is highlighting the true fact on its cover:


There's also a six month exercise by PWC - NHS@75

There are many strands one of which has the following graphic:

If the public is to be informed and proactive about their health then we had better start now....

Medikidz is absolutely great - depression is in there - but as PWC's initiative shows the NHS@75... is going to need much more than explaining illnesses.

Medikidz image: http://www.themarysue.com/medikidz-comic/

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