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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Global Research Nurses’ Network discussion: Nearly Free Nursing Colleges - Mental Health Nursing Rwanda

Nearly Free Nursing Colleges

I have been working in mental health nursing in Rwanda, I have seen a significant need for a mental health nurses handbook and guide. At the request of the faculty at Kigali Health Institute, I have complied two electronic texts.

1.Mental Health Nursing I: Diagnosis, Treatment Guidelines and Standards of Care : The African Context. and
2.Mental Health Nursing II: Vulnerable Populations of Africa and Emerging Best Practices.

They have links to research, questions that guide the student reading, and then clinical cases for integration of what they have learned in each chapter. They are based on an 8 week course with 3 classes per week.

I would like to place them on the internet for free access but don't know how that is done.

They would be applicable for any nurses, mental health or general nurses working in post-conflict countries. The first handbook uses heavily the WHO MH Gap intervention guide which is excellent and COHSASA standards of care. The second book includes mental health in primary care, chronic mentally ill in villages, pregnant women and infants, refugees, women who are victims of gender based violence, Incarcerated mentally ill, and traditional healers. It is challenging but could be available to anyone with motivation and an internet connection.

Perhaps resources like this could be compiled into a program of study with internet oversight. I would be interested in pursuing this concept with others. I will be returning to the US in a few days but would like to see these ebook widely distributed and utilized. Does anyone have any ideas how this could be accomplished?


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