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Saturday, November 09, 2013

(other) for-getting(s)

HUMANISTIC -------------------- MECHANISTIC


the premiers
 the presidents
 forgot not so much themselves,
but the peoples, the respective histories
 they represented and carried,
 the weight of history - the threats,
the acts of terror. there they were:
two psyches - one hand shake.
 the wait of history
re-purposed, refactored, re-minded

the young girl was late for her interview,
she didn't notice
 the metal bench, the glass door,
 she ran through them
and took flight...

the marriage guidance counsellors were totally perplexed
as couples seemingly ripped up their years-long, decade-long
 there were no scraps to be waved either and pointed
the room for an argument
the dialogue and the future
was suddenly bright
a weapon of mass construction

within all governments long term planning 10, 20, 30... years took hold - the effects, no! the impacts: were local, global and glocal and this was just the beginning... tax was paid by all, whether individual or corporate entity, the only loops were off-world...

group - population

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