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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Contextual annealing: Research rolling - hotter, colder, hotter

In conducting research you focus on the question, then the method follows. You may have to go back to the question (in truth) as the methods available to you present their own opportunities and constraints.

Over the past two months this has been a questionnaire within residential care facilities.

Sometimes a confounding factor is to how to describe the study. It's a bit like the figure-ground illusion. One minute you are thinking of the individual, the care worker; the next moment the organisation.

Perspectives shift all the time. This is one of the roles of Hodges' model. The ability to switch from individual to group (population) and various other perspectives and contexts.

I’ve an image of an iceberg. At any one time the questionnaire study’s above the water, the institutional case study under: but then it rolls.

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