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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Wellbeing: A Complete Reference Guide

Several years ago well-being was everywhere so it seemed. I even blogged about this wondering about the professional side of caring and the care professions:

Well-being and the dilution of 'caring'

What triggered the reflections above in 2010 was the appearance of the British Journal of Wellbeing (BJW). I subsequently learned that the journal launched in April 2010 was published until the end of 2011; the publisher (MA Healthcare) then launched a new journal the British Journal of Mental Health Nursing (BJMHN). I was also advised that although BJMHN has some similarities to BJW, it has more of a nursing focus. 

So, perhaps there was some merit in my thoughts back in 2010 and yet well-being (or wellbeing) is a central discussion point. It has to be if we are to conjoin:

health education : health care 
'being' - 'well' (physically, mentally, ....)
self care : care services
health literate - health 'expert' / professional

I now wonder if the scope of the volumes in a complete reference guide on wellbeing as indicated below, might benefit from an overarching conceptual framework?
This reference set comprises six volumes that focus on the ways wellbeing has been studied and can be applied across different aspects of the life course.
  • The first multi-volume examination of all elements of wellbeing.
  • Volumes cover children and families; the workplace; the environment; aging and later life; economics; and policies of wellbeing
  • Each volume brings together leaders of their respective fields in an edited volume of original articles
  • Presents a synthesis of the latest research on this growing and interdisciplinary area of study
Wellbeing: A Complete Reference Guide
Edited by Cary L. Cooper, CBE
Distinguished Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University, UK
Now available in print and online
6 volumes • 3,000 pages • Hardcover
Print Edition ISBN: 978-1-118-53882-1

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