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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Interested in writing? [ II ] Hodges' Health Career - Care Domains - Model

In the side bar beneath the bibliography (on a desktop) I've listed a few topics worthy of critical attention. The real need is to link practical application of Hodges' model and further some theoretical underpinnings for the model. This is now happening and it's quite a challenge as I chase questionnaires and write up a draft report for next week. This report is set out as a paper using an author's template from a nursing journal.

Trying to get the message out on writing about this free, holistic bandwidth defining, holistic wrangling, (self-) caring info-portal I blogged an appeal of sorts in 2010. Here we are again. The existing topics in that list relate to the original purposes of the model, plus a few 'extras':

  • reflection;
  • curriculum development;
  • case formulation;
  • holistic care;
  • conceptual spaces
I'll revise the above as a result of this post and ongoing studies at Lancaster University. I will also add the journal to the most recent recovery paper. Expanding on the above for the benefit of anyone interested in using Hodges' model, reflection (as in 2010) is for me the primary purpose of the model.

Reflection: I'm sure that Hodges' model can complement existing and established approaches to reflection. It would be interesting to compare the use of Hodges' model with a control in clinical reflection, reflective practice with a patient/client, and in clinical or managerial supervision. (You see why this is a challenge, and I appreciate it is easy to generate suggestions!)

Curriculum development: If you need a map that incorporates an academic compass (sat-nav even) look no further. Where are the curricula hot-spots and how are they distributed?

Case formulation: There is an existing draft that needs to be revisited at some point, but the scope here is huge in terms of disciplines and applications. As mentioned above it is coming up with questions and research methods.

Holistic care: Is it time to revisit this phrase? Break it apart and put it back together if it still fits?

Is it a damaged good(s)?

Is this a broken currency as it originally did not include the patient as an active participant? Is it one of several linguistic tropes, said in earnest yet what does it mean? How do we measure it? Could there be a role for Hodges' model in defining or measuring it in theory (through the health record) in practice through outcomes that are demonstrably holistic? Does this make sense...? What is this holistic bandwidth that PJ witters on about? Is an informatics metaphor too far, or this a means to a definition?

To conceptual spaces I need to add threshold concepts and there is a literature here for health and social care, something to build upon and post here....

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