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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring-Summer reading: International Handbook of e-Learning

Volume 1 International Handbook of e-Learning

It was a pleasure to open the package bearing review copies of the two volumes that make up this handbook.

The draft paper for the latest module has been submitted. The survey has had 21 responses in total, all gratefully received.

Completing this has provided many useful lessons, prompted further questions and interesting sources have been uncovered which I will share next month. I'm still wondering about the total number of nurse lecturers within academia and the primary disciplines that benefit from e-learning? One of the inevitable lessons of the survey is question construction (double negative - why did I do that!) and definitions.

Reviewing these books will be very useful for the final module of part 1 and looking ahead to the three years of part 2.

Badrul H. Khan, Mohamed Ally (Eds) (2015) International Handbook of E-Learning. Volume 1 & 2:  Oxford: Routledge.

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