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Friday, April 10, 2015

Doubles or Quads in < perspective >

Bruno Latour describes the double role of perspective as a tool of realism and illusion as the "four-way freeway" of representation: perspective does not only allow us to realistically represent a scene (one-way freeway) or to pragmatically act upon an external reality (two-way freeway); not only can we "displace cities, landscapes, or natives and go back and forth to and from them along avenues through space, but we can also reach saints, gods, heavens, palaces, or dreams with the same two-way avenues and look at them through the same 'windowpane' on the same two-dimensional surface. The two ways become a four lane freeway! Impossible palaces can be drawn realistically, but it is also possible to draw possible objects as if they were utopian ones."* p.26.

*Latour, B. (1986) Visualisation and Cognition: Thinking with Eyes and Hands. In H. Kuklick (editor) Knowledge and Society Studies in the Sociology of Culture Past and Present , Jai Press vol. 6, pp. 1-40.

My source:
Sheil, B. & Pearce, T. (2014) Digital doubles, colliding in mid-air prototyping a post-human scenography, In P.E.A.R. Paper for Emerging Architectural Research, ISSN 2041-2878 (print) Issue 7, pp. 26-31.