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Saturday, April 04, 2015

For people of a certain age 5 4 3 2 1 ...: Big Data and Little Data (please)

People of a certain age may be tied to the TV at 5pm today, in the UK at least as a CGI animated reboot of Thunderbirds hits our screens. Since the original series I've experienced the joys of Tracey Island as a toy and the increasing influence of 'nostalgia'.

While not spoken of with the same frequency in healthcare, there is still the need for a philosophy of care. Apparently this new series is trying to remain true to the values and messages of Gerry Anderson's original. Together with Star Trek, series like this can (surely) also contribute to children's having critical, empathic skills, an open attitude and a global perspective.

Since the 1960s and the data transmissions that John in Thunderbird 5 was listening for (yes, I know...), we are now in the realm of Big Data, the internet no less! I wonder if they will reference space junk and how this is reflected in the World's oceans? A great opportunity, but then this is a children's show.

As Thunderbird 5 monitors World communications for humanitarian reasons, I'm still seeking Little Data. If you are a nurse lecturer, UK or from the global nursing community I'd really appreciate your help:


Many thanks (especially for completed surveys thus far) and if you watch the new series - enjoy.

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Thanks Gerry for pulling some strings