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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

IxD&A Interaction Design and Architecture(s) Journal: TEL + 'Designing Self-Care For Everyday Life'

Special issue on:

The Design of TeL with Evidence and Users

- which includes:

Focus Section on 'Designing Self-Care For Everyday Life'

Ivo Maathuis, Valerie M Jones, Nelly Oudshoorn
Telecare and self-management: a guideline for anticipating future care in scenario-based design, pp. 142-159

Koen van Turnhout, Jasper Jeurens, Martin Verhey, Pascal Wientjes, René Bakker
The Healthy Elderly: Case Studies in Persuasive Design, pp. 160-172

Juan Jimenez Garcia, Natalia Romero, David Keyson, Paul Havinga, Reflective Healthcare Systems: micro-Cycle of Self-Reflection to empower users, pp. 173-190.