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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Medical history - I

Hostius Pamphilus. Rome. Tablet of stone [Photo: PJ Musei Capitolini]

Hostius Pamphilus. Rome. Tablet of stone. 
Gaius Hostius Pamphilus, a doctor of medicine, freedman of Gaius, bought this memorial for himself and for Nelpia Hymnis, freedwoman of Marcus; and for all their freedmen and freedwomen and their posterity. This for evermore is our home, this is our farm, this our gardens, this our memorial.
Frontage 13 ft., depth 24 ft. [ http://www.attalus.org/docs/cil/epitaph.html ]

C(aius) Hostius C(ai) l(ibertus) Pamphilus / medicus hoc monumentum / emit sibi et Nelpiae M(arci) l(ibertae) Hymnini / et libert{e}is et libertabus omnibus / poster{e}isque eorum / haec est domus aeterna hic est / fundus h{e}is sunt horti hoc / est monumentum nostrum / in fronte p(edes) XIII in agrum p(edes) XXIIII [ http://db.edcs.eu/epigr/epi_einzel_en.php?p_belegstelle=CIL+01,+01319 ]

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