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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Capital 'p': Patient, Person, Person-centred, Personhood

humanistic --------------------------------------- mechanistic

capital Patient

Patient capital

Whenever financial markets get hyperactive - the norm rather than exception over the past three decades - we hear calls for "patient capital" that can fund long-term investment in the productive capabilities that are essential for a prosperous economy. ...
The problem is not just "short-termism" but more fundamentally value extraction that far outstrips contributions to value creation, with financial interests, including top executives, reaping gains that should go to taxpayers and workers.
For the sake of stable and equitable growth, it is time that these real patient capitalists lose their political patience, and demand fundamental economic reform. p.24.

Lazonick, W. Why patient capital is running thin, Armchair Alphaville, FTMoney. July 26/July 27 2014: p.24

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