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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Demon's days numbered...

I've had the website for Hodges' model on Demon since 1998 and for many years things never changed in terms of the space provided for websites and facilities. That said I was never going to strain the bandwidth although I did fall foul early on with some traffic violations. For many years though it was 'steady'.

Over the past few months what is a static website - no database, no dynamic content - has totally given way to a static service and one that looks set to disappear in about two years according to discussion online. Demon has switched its web hosting to intY Limited.

The homepage was last modified in 2005, the links pages in the Spring. Now I've a reason to seek alternate hosting. It is good to know that past efforts are preserved back to 1999.

If there are any hosting services out there able to offer Drupal hosting, ideally UK based and at a reduced rate for an advert placed in the sidebar here and on any new web presence, please get in touch: h2cmng AT yahoo.co.uk