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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Old news: Treasury considering health, care and welfare budget link :new reflections?

From: Health Service Journal

The Treasury is undertaking a quick turnaround project in the run up to the general election examining the potential savings from bringing together spending on health, social care and some welfare payments. ... p.10
This is old news now of course, but I would think that financial links/integration can be quite complex. After all when we usually speak of 'negotiation' what is the context?

Before grappling with finance when the impetus is austerity perhaps there is a dividend for (public) (mental) health, social care, welfare, education and housing from conceptual integration, or at least a shared conceptual framework?

In the same issue of the HSJ there is an additional rationale in the news item by Sarah Calkin:

Joining up care 'will not solve financial squeeze'. p.10.

I rest my four (five) domained case. 

A case you can carry in your head, a sheaf of papers, or device.

West, D. (2015) Treasury considering health, care and welfare budget link. Health Service Journal. 125, 6443: 24 April. pp.10-11.

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