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Friday, July 17, 2015

NHS HACK DAY 12 & 13 Sept, Manchester

Dear HANDI Member - you may be interested in the event below:-

NHS Hack Day - Manchester on 12th & 13th September 2015.

For those who aren't familiar with it, NHS Hack Day is a relaxed and free-form software development day, run as an unconference, and allowing participants to pitch their ideas and NHS problems to the audience of developers and Health IT specialists. After pitching, teams form organically and people start working on their solutions. On the Sunday, work continues, and then the work is presented to the judging panel. Prizes are awarded, but the main point of participation is the lessons learned, the community that has formed around NHS Hack Day, and the exhilaration of helping develop software over a weekend. ...

What would a CCIO get out of it?

When you see how well developers work when they get chance to work directly with users is inspiring. Realising how rarely they get this opportunity certainly suggests some reasons why NHS IT often falls short of where we would like it to be. Understanding the user need, pitched by a patient or relative, can be an important experience.

At NHS Hack Day we often get excellent representation of junior health professionals, patients, and developers from Health IT and non-Health IT backgrounds. Unfortunately, representation at NHSHD of the NHS IT 'establishment' - NHS Trusts, HSCIC, IT managers, and NHS IT technical staff etc, is less strong. I'm hoping that with the right leadership from CCIOs we can change this.

Sign up here (it's free) ...

Many thanks,
Jill Riley - HANDI Health


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