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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Rose Report: "Create a short NHS handbook/ passport/ map summarising in short and/or visual form the NHS core values..."

Department of Health 16 July 2015:
Lord Rose June 2015, p.49.
The second prerequisite condition is cultural. The NHS needs to create a values-based culture. A large and complex organisation can be made more effective if all of its people behave in ways that are ethically consistent, and in ways that show they share the same values and base what they do on those values. There is already the ground work for this: the NHS Constitution includes a Staff Handbook, and Trusts communicate the NHS values contained within it in a variety of ways. But there needs to be a consistency in approach. Values must be easily and quickly understood across the NHS. Great leadership must be understood and fostered in staff at every level; the three military services are good examples of how this can be achieved across an organisation. A new and more visual format will promote this. 
R2: Create a short NHS handbook/ passport/ map summarising in short and/ or visual form the NHS core values to be published, broadcast and implemented throughout the NHS.