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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hodges' meta-model...?

In combination the empty foreground and background brings us simultaneously to what is 'now': the situation, the context. The personal, social, political and physical are constantly re-presented in the health:ill-health duality. Our focus remains: ill-health. We still lack the depth of vision to resolve this duality. Focus needs structure: only from simplicity may we travel to complexity. 
The need for simplicity, structure, meaning and recording can be found, accomplished and apprehended through the conceptual framework known as Hodges' model. Its cruciform span is coincidental, and yet can be interpreted as four ways. Four ways of looking - seeing, learning and knowing. Five ways and even. As the model and the user reflects the innumerable perspectives that can be found as these conceptual spaces breathe: waxing and waning. Always from that initial state. Emptiness with structure.