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Sunday, February 05, 2017

A Model of Nursing: According to Klein

humanistic --------------------------------  mechanistic

Monochrome vert sans titre (M 75), 1955 ca
Région de grenoble (RP 10), 1961

Monochrome rouge sans titre (M 38), 1955
"Klein's paintings take away the expected content of that form, instead focusing our attention on a direct encounter with pure colour freed from all external impurities. Created using mechanical rollers, the works emphasise a non-expressive gestureless presentation of pure pigment, affirming his refusal to 'provoke colour relations'." (TATE Liverpool, Feb 5th 2017).

In the (science and) art of nursing, however; we must provoke assessments and evaluations within these care relations and between them. 

L'infirmière est le travailleur constant, à l'intérieur, sans et entre les deux.

My source: TATE Liverpool, Yves Klein, Feb 5th 2017.

Images: Yves Klein Archives