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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Architects' social conscience - in Hodges' model

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"There is a sense that the age of the icon is now long dead, that architects need to take their eyes off the skylines and engage with the streets."

"... contemporary architectural culture, swings wildly between two poles. On one hand there is the urge to express (architecture as art)..."

"Aravena made his name with the "half-a-good-house" idea, an elegantly innovative design for a dwelling with a matching negative space beside it into which the inhabitants can expand as necessary when they have the means.

... social,

... and on the other the urge to confess
(social conscience)."

political and economic conditions."

"The current* refugee crisis perhaps
illustrates architects' powerlessness."

*From decades of 'news' experience we can take refugee crises, natural disasters and forced migration to be essentially ongoing and globally pernicious in population impact. Temporary and permanent architectural and housing solutions for people in these extreme situations are therefore critical to improving the lives of millions. PJ

Heathcote, E. (2016*). Architects' social conscience, FT Weekend, Venice Biennale of Architecture, 21-22 May, pp.1-3.