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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Advertising: The air that we breathe; or don't?

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Mental Pollution

Unbranded Advertising

Unbranded advertising of prescription medicines to the public by pharmaceutical companies (Protocol) 

Health - Literacy?

Digital Ad# Fraud
False / Fake Ads

Hodges' model makes explicit the divide between the public and the public's understanding of science.

Consider here the increased noise in advertising channels since the millennium as the media multiply, in addition to false advertising the rise of fake ads. Fake ads for jobs, drugs, goods and a littering of click-bait. Contactless plastic that touches the deepest oceans. Consumerism has become post-truth as any sense of 'standards' are undermined on several fronts.

The overlaps and increased complexity then become apparent.

# 'information'?

n.b. If I recall the source for the paper I will add it here!