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Monday, August 07, 2017

How do you define person-centredness? Editorial c/o Dewing & McCormack

humanistic --------------------------------------- mechanistic
Individual values, choices and preferences*

What matters to the patient.

person-centredness = hard to define?

compassion (the 6Cs)


"We believe that a focus on person-centredness provides an opportunity for nursing to rise above particular theoretical 'fan clubs' and work within a coherent set of principles that are multivariate, context nonspecific and trans-specialist." Dewing & McCormack (2017).


A certain type (quality)
of nurse-patient relationship

Community of Practice

Culture - isolating?


*You can - as a nurse - ask the questions about the above, but how you advocate, realise this in nursing is very complex and challenging.


Services (workplace)?

Organisational memory=Organisational respect?

"An example is needed and will be provided next. The intention is to demonstrate the potential utility of Hodges' model to conjoin ipseity, that is; the self, individual identity and personhood with the group and population. Further studies will seek to establish how Hodges’ model can be used in case formulation not just at an individual level – were social factors inform assessments and evaluations – but in community and global health development. Hodges’ model is further suited to this task as the model supports precontextualisation by helping us to anticipate the future and recontextualization in seeking to make sense of the past. Overarching this temporal dimension is the fact that Hodges’ model by being so general and independent of any particular discipline the model is transtheoretical. There is no single theory that can explain, predict or account for the validity of Hodges’ model."
[Draft notes for an editorial that might follow? PJ ]

As the editorial describes, amid women-centred, child-centred and family centred care in Hodges' model we can place whatever the situation, or context demands at the center of Hodges' model and thereby at the focus of our care deliberations whether reflective, theoretical or practice based.

My source:


Dewing, J. and McCormack, B. (2017), Editorial: Tell me, how do you define person-centredness?. J Clin Nurs, 26: 2509–2510. doi:10.1111/jocn.13681