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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Book: A Mind at Play

humanistic --------------------------------------- mechanistic

I still have a collection of articles on information and information theory saved from old magazines, such as, PC World, Practical Computing, PC Magazine (British), PCW and Byte. I've some specific books too that might form a collection of sorts, once they gathered together and sorted. Maths helps, but you don't need a high level of math ability to grasp the basics. It is a fascinating field and now with quantum computing, AI ... the future isn't just beckoning we're caught in its tenacious gravity field - especially as we get older!

I still have the aspiration to write a follow-up to the paper below, combining information, health and complexity. Meanwhile this book looks good summer reading...

Jones, P. (1996) Humans, Information, and Science, Journal of Advanced Nursing, 24(3),591-598.

Image: Simon and Schuster = A Mind at Play

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