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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

UK: The assessment of risk and safety in mental health services


Managing the safety of patients in mental health services is a core function. A variety of tools or scales are being used in mental health services, some of which are locally developed and typically not validated. In 36% of suicides the quality of risk assessment was considered unsatisfactory (NCISH). We are conducting a nationwide evaluation of safety management in the UK.

Aims of the study

  • What are the views of mental health professionals, service users and carers on the safety planning process in mental health services and how this could be improved? 
  • Which risk assessment tools are currently being used in mental health services in the UK? 
  • How are these tools being used prior to suicide? 

The study will use both quantitative and qualitative methods to examine which assessment tools for safety are currently used in mental health services in the UK, and how staff, patients and carers view them. There are three data collection sources for the study:
  1. Web-based survey
  2. Targeted survey of mental health services
  3. Interviews with clinicians
For more information and to participate in the survey please see the NCISH website and follow the link -


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