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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Gagné nine events in E-learning

In checking through more books, I revisited Khan and Ally's International Handbook of E-Learning. Chapter 10 by Florence Martin includes several models for instructional design. My in-situ pencil notes from 2015 reminded me of Figure 10.1 "Adaptation of Gagné's nine events" (Gagné and Driscoll, 1988).

I found a version on Pinterest:

Gagné's nine events

Martin and others refer to "Present Stimulus" as "Present the Content" and this is what stands out. If Hodges' model was realised within an online reflective workbench then the student would be engaged in creating the content. The student becomes the stimulus, generating the content.

Pinterest provides another version which sums up quite nicely the potential of Hodges' model. It was brainstorming and developments in mind-mapping that prompted my interest. Structure can gain attention. Structure might also invite interaction. Hodges' model presents a space in which the contents might be manipulated? The initial blank space might also indicate an objective. A series of care or knowledge domains may also invite reflection on a practical experience, a patient or carer encounter.

Gagné's nine events

What follows from Present the content in Gagné's nine events remains a challenge, but if you understand what Hodges' model is and its application then you may also see its potential.

Martin, F. (2015) E-learning Design-From Instructional Events to Elements, Chapter 10. In Badrul H. Khan, & Mohamed Ally (Eds) International Handbook of E-LearningVolume 1, Oxford: Routledge. pp. 153-170.

With regards to putting a pile of books together for a trip to Hay-on-Wye these handbooks Vols 1 & 2 are keepers.