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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Care with a Smile: For a Smile in Care Homes

humanistic --------------------------------------- mechanistic

Self-esteem, self-image

anxiety, worry, depression

Able to express needs
Ability to ask, remind, argue - self-advocate
Challenging behaviours,
agitation, aggression

Irritability, poor sleep

reduced attention and concentration

Observation of staff - pain?

Loss of dentures, memory

Changes in gums, gum disease, weight loss
cleaning teeth, false dentures, fit, marking dentures, care plans
Access to toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth wash, Oral hygiene
Sugar – sweets (one of few pleasures?)

Risk of thrush and other infections (cardiac?)

Mobility of the resident
Appearance and sense of well-being

Pain of toothache, analgesia – tiredness
Avoiding eating and drinking properly

Access to dental surgery

Changes with speech

Equipment challenges of remote care, technology changes
Mobile clinics

Responding to expressed distress -
whether explicit or implicit
(listening - caring)

Avoiding other people.

Having friends and family to advocate for dental care

Impatience with others, argumentative,

Family expectations

Commissioning of dental care in the residential / nursing home sectors
Local authorities, Health, CQC
Asessment - Evaluation
Referral process
Staff  awareness and knowledge

The nursing home make the referral?
The family must make the referral?
National standards
Domiciliary visits paid in advance.

Dental service packs packs circulated to residential and nursing homes across a Region.