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Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Modelling Scale: Self, Families, Communities, Organisations - a Planet's Health...

Dear HIFA colleagues,

I would like to wish you all a happy new year and to share with you a powerful quote on the front cover of the current print issue of The Lancet:

"Achieving planetary health will require a renaissance in how we define our place in the world. A new narrative will reject the one streaming into our homes — that happiness comes from relentlessly acquiring more things — and embrace what we know: that what truly makes us happy is time spent with those we love, connection to place and community, feeling connected to something greater than ourselves, taking care of each other."
The quote is from a lecture by Samuel Myers, Planetary Health Alliance at Harvard University, USA. The citation is below and the full text is freely available here:

CITATION: Planetary health: protecting human health on a rapidly changing planet
Dr Samuel S Myers
Volume 390, No. 10114, p2860–2868, 23 December 2017

Best wishes, Neil

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My additions: 

I am always fascinated by the need for such expansive perspectives, the need to simultaneously factor in scale; how for example, do we warn future generations of environmental hazards?

Such questions are also crucial to "how we define our place in the world"?

humanistic --------------------------------------- mechanistic

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Source: HIFA Dr Neil Pakenham-Walsh with thanks.