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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Courage: One of the 6Cs - for Individual & Governments? [i]

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Courage is perhaps one of the more challenging of the 6Cs for learners to grasp and even for experienced staff  to exercise. As a concept a definition is easy to find. Courage is often associated with whistleblowing. Over the decades whistleblowing has proved critical and vexed to both an individual's career and organizations.  Hodges' model encourages us to expand on this ...

The courage of seeking
diagnosis and prognosis
assumptions : misinformation : disinformation
["Dr Google", fake news, drugs online..?]
Disclosure or withholding information

||||||||||||||| LONG GRASS |||||||||||||||
Husbands, wives, partners, sons and daughters with many friends find courage every moment of everyday (and many nights) when caring for someone living with dementia and other chronic illnesses. Practitioners may need courage to challenge promises made by family members that - "A nursing home? Never!" But, is the patient still at the centre of concern in these cases? Care at home at any cost? This can be the 'record' that matters to families.

Governments of all hues and globally are vested with courage, but how they exercise this quality depends vitally on governance. This is same reason, constraint that operates on the individual. "Do I? Don't I?" becomes "Do we? Don't we?" But then that individual practitioner is (must be) supported (governed) by supervision and the deliberations of the multidisciplinary team.
What is the governments' record? Do governments have the courage to address the problems sustainable health and social care presents? Or, do they just kick the  problem...

Courage [ii]: One of the 6Cs - for Individual & Governments?