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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Book: In Praise of Walking - The new science of how we walk and why it’s good for us

Count: the number of steps...?

You don't have to count - just walk ...

individual - self
humanistic ----------------------------------------------- mechanistic
group- population
"The sea squirt starts life boring, and gets more so, but along the way it does one thing that is very interesting indeed. In its larval stage this creature swims around the rock pool, its tail propelling it much like a tadpole's. Its talents at this time are not impressive, being  limited largely to staying upright and hiding from predators. At least it moves, though. When adulthood approaches that changes. It sticks itself to a rock, where it will stay fixed for the rest of its life. And the first thing it does upon finding a suitable site, the one interesting act in its life? It consumes its brain." Whipple, 2019.
In Praise of Walking

As you walk, let Hodges' model provide a cognitive map for your reflections ...

My source (several)
Whipple, T. (2019) Walking - our super power, Saturday Review, The Times, p.14.