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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Individual & Group process - Collective Intelligence [CI] c/o Radcliffe, et al. (2019)

No explanation is needed as to why this paper caught my attention in a tweet that featured the figure [2] below? The context is medical, not nursing and the extended multidisciplinary team, but as per the threshold concepts post the focus is decision making.

From a nursing perspective and using Hodges' model the 'individual processes' would include data gathering, patient assessment, liaison with relatives and colleagues and reflection to integrate information. Evidence-based sources will also be involved depending on the reason for referral, the patients (relatives) account, and the status of the diagnosis. Information technology input will be through the electronic health record that should also provide a history of previous episodes of care and the conclusions reached.

Within Hodges' model below I have added socio-technical and governance. Perhaps, as a systematic scoping review and applied to a specific healthcare profession there is less emphasis on the 'political' dimensions of decision making (management, policy, rules, reporting, targets). Equally from a nursing perspective there is the 'data cleaning' within the research process but then also nurses, and students in particular not being negatively impacted by comments about a forthcoming clinical placement, or a patient / client who has been referred (or referred) to the service / team.

individual - self
humanistic ----------------------------------------------- mechanistic
group- population

individual as subject of mental health Dx

Individual knowledge and experience
Learning and decision-making styles and bias
(positive and negative?)
Feedback from Collective Intelligence?

individual as subject of physical Dx

Individual Input
Group Input

Information Technology

Collaborative working
Clinical Teams

Level of SOCIO-technical
Studies were:
 individual or group process
several a combination.


My source:

Radcliffe, K., Lyson, H. C., Barr-Walker, J., & Sarkar, U. (2019). Collective intelligence in medical decision-making: A systematic scoping review. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, 19(1), 158. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12911-019-0882-0