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Saturday, August 03, 2019

Seeking Care & Global Cultural Neutrality in White Houses(?)

The email concerned a book
- | White Houses | -
 and posed a question.

Needless to say it caught my attention ...

Is White a Statement or a Neutral Surface for Expression?

This is a question I ask myself, but in respect of Hodges' model.

To what extent is Hodges' model neutral across cultures?

Remove the green, blue and red colours I adopted for the care domains  and what you have is a blank sheet; an empty conceptual space.

Is it empty? 

Very quickly it can become filled with what the person, patient, client, group ... brings with them.

Hodges' model is a stage. Several stages.

It is a theater.

It is a challenge for the performer, as they take their turn. As they navigate the space, they seek to ensure, assure, obtain feedback that the other - listener(s) are with them; whether in agreement or not.
Hodges' model is an arena for personal, group reflection, debate, argument(ation) or as described these days - co-production.

How suitable is #h2cm as a tool to support global health objectives, such as, the Social Development Goals and the Social Determinants of Health (and their ongoing development)? For me, Hodges' model is not just a neutral surface, it is a neutral substrate for the many forms of knowledge needed to solve the problems of the 21st Century.

individual - self
humanistic ----------------------------------------------- mechanistic
group- population

My source: Thames & Hudson

Later in the summer - autumn I might post another photo in memory of my father and a holiday ...