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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Was that last post 'really' sponsored?*

It occurred to me that the last post would be ideal as a 'sponsored' effort. Many posts are incidentally, or voluntarily 'sponsored'. I wish a few were in fact. This commercial thought was prompted by an email three weeks ago that referred to mention of 'due diligence' in a post from 2009. The suggestion was that if I could add a link to an article by this real estate company, and let them know, then they could 'syndicate' this W2tQ. Reply sent, but nothing heard as yet.

In that last post I was careful to avoid referring to 'c*sme*ic', lest the floodgates open ;-) and this blog's potential 'long tail' be revealed.

In between the 'Barber's model' post: another email.

This, points to a post in March 2016 and (again) the possibility of collaboration. Their focus is Python and data libraries. Well this is really encouraging! I've replied, but I'm not sure if there will be a sponsored post, or something in the side bar. I've no time to fully understand 'SEO' and advertising. That is not the blog's objective. I am aware though that this blog is ancient and Google's algorithms have and continue to change.

Some income would help with conference registrations, accommodation and travel; and to revisit hosting which I cancelled recently (as unused). My main laptop (2017) is poorly too. They do get hammered a bit. Being conscious of 'false economy' in the politics of health, social care and the environment, perhaps I should return to the MacBook fold?

*It wasn't.