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Friday, November 15, 2019

Science can see around corners: What about Health & Social Care?

As stressed here before, records are crucial in many work situations. In healthcare acutely so, for safety, accountability, professionalism, legal and other reasons. Even before we reach the point of creating the (comprehensive) record (paper or electronic) clinicians are focussed upon the data and information provided (the referral: does it qualify as a referral and other gate-keeping / triage stages?). The search then begins, often described idiomatically as shedding some light on the problem.*

This is the purpose of Hodges' model.

The starting point is what can we 'see'?
In other words, what do we know?

These initial facts are the first pieces of the jig-saw. A jig-saw that will always be incomplete unless we take into account the four domains and the overall spiritual situation. Having visited the four domains captured the key concepts, drawn out the relationships and meanings with the patient / carer when possible, we can then integrate as needed. This as needed, then influences the way and what is defined as the context which we must capture, assure and preserve for subsequent evaluation (and dynamic update).

While technology can enable us to look through walls, around corners, in health and social care there are many limits. We must access and assess all the domains.

Otherwise - forget all talk of the big picture.

Reflection and critical thinking can facilitate effective reasoning and decision making and (multiple) points of view, whatever 'room' we initially find ourselves in:

HUMANISTIC -------------------------------------------------- MECHANISTIC


Light in
the Shadows
New Scientist, 6 November 2019

In taking into account all the domains and the spiritual it may be that there is nothing of marked relevance (salience) in one or more. It is checking, asking the question that counts, being conscious of what is happening 'next door'.

My source:

Seeing around corners: How to decipher shadows to see the invisible
Read more: https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg24432550-800-seeing-around-corners-how-to-decipher-shadows-to-see-the-invisible/#ixzz65ISAh2QS
New Scientist, 6 November 2019.

Image source: https://twitter.com/Adjuvancy/status/1193628284170522624?s=20

*Patients, clients are never a problem, but one-day I will be an absolute pain-in-the-neck.