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Friday, November 22, 2019

G.D.P. Capitalism pp. A.M. Holistic ...

One pivot-point or several?

HUMANISTIC -------------------------------------------------- MECHANISTIC

"A more holistic approach to
'growth' needs to evolve ...

Growth mania -

Demographics: Population Growth

 GDP per capita - new measures?

"nominal GDP growth, supported by
population growth,

... looking to capture societal and
environmental benefits and costs".

"borrowing from the future while destroying the environment".

socio -
[and profit] growth"

Gross Domestic Product [GDP]


- economics

This week there has been a major focus on Self  Care Week.

Lars Münter brought to my attention the need for an 'Economy of Wellbeing'. 

Jenkins's item in the FT refers to Milton Friedman, shareholders and stakeholders. The latter seems to be an over-used term in healthcare and health services, but there is learning in comparing and contrasting the two.

The climate emergency will change capitalism. 

Perhaps, what we need is not just an:

'Economy of Wellbeing'
as 'Economies of Wellbeing'

The presiding orientation of which must be circular.

See also:
The Friedman Doctrine, or Shareholder Theory; and Stakeholder Theory. 

My source:
Patrick Jenkins, Fund chiefs call for shift in capitalism, FT Weekend, 16-17 November 2019, p.4.