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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Exhibition: "Library of Exile"

humanistic ----------------------------------------------- mechanistic
group - population

"A roofless pavilion about the size of a shipping container, it is lined with shelves holding some 2,000 books ...

"The scope of "exile" is certainly wide.
The World Health Organisation estimates that 1bn people - almost one in eight of the global population - are living as migrants, of whom 68m have been forcibly displaced." p.8.

by exiled writers. ... The library represents a kind of communal autobiography of the displaced person through history, from Cicero to Dante to the European émigrés of the 20th century and present-day author-exiles such as Elif Shafak and Aleksander Hemon.
The installation is itself migratory, having arrived in London following sojourns in Venice and Dresden. From here it will travel to Mosul, Iran, where it will remain." p.8

My sources:
Atkins, W. (2020) You can't go home again, Life&Arts, FT Weekend. 14-15 March, p.8
and British Museum.