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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Hodges' model - the cons ...

Following a thread on twitter:

A further query followed:

The short answer is clearly that Hodges' model isn't the generic conceptual framework, it follows that it is not global either. The reasons why are many and I've posted about several over the years, indirectly and more recently in a more direct manner:

My Moon Mission? "The Stack"

Hodges' model and trial by vampires ... 

I thought it might be useful to outline the reasons here along the INDIVIDUAL - GROUP axis. 


HUMANISTIC----------------------------------------------- MECHANISTIC

(Peter) overthinking -
h2cm is an overvalued idea -
formulating the -
too much thought not enough action -
sense of ownership (Hodges') not my model -
too many ideas spoils the broth -
is Peter holding on to this...? -
evidence of a personal initiative ? - -
Peter needs a mentor -
calls for reflection/crit. thinking seem rhetorical -
nurse 1st -
- - where is the data, evidence, theory, proof?
- 1980s - it is archaic
- research question

- not invented here: city, region, geography
- academia has moved on (models out of fashion)
- it is too simplistic
- it is too complicated
- where's the 'new' website/platform
- how long does it take [former site 1998-2015*]?
- a means to facilitate parity of esteem is missed
- the project's Petered out!
sense of ownership - not our [CoP] model -
not invented here: culturally non-neutral -
rename the domains they're too 'academic'
no interest, partners, collaborators -
Jones needs to stop blogging/tweeting -
it is a waste of time ...
RT - not endorsement :: or even interest -
- sense of ownership - not our model
- not invented here (inst./nationalism/political)
- copyright? It's CC - Oh we see ...
- funding for research / studies
- - (MRES 2017 self-funded)
- what are the benefits (across the model and spiritually)?
- this approach smells of a tick-box approach, a means to a universal multidisciplinary worker?
- Wigan Pier does not have a Jet d'Eau

 CoP - Community of Practice 

*Former website: (Web.archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20110903000318/http://www.p-jones.demon.co.uk/index.htm )