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Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day: h2cm around the water whole

Today is Blog Action Day when bloggers unite, posting on the key theme of the environment:


It is often said that the planet 'Earth' should be renamed such is the surface area covered by water. Water has long been the reason for life to congregate.

H20: the planet-wide religion of life.

For people water means settlement, hence the fear that in future it is water resources that will drive conflicts.

As we try to get to grips with the environmental issues and their solutions conceptual frameworks like h2cm can help bring everyone and everything together.

Around the water holeThink of Hodges' model as a watering hole.

People, communities, nations arrive there. Peering into the water we see ourselves and our neighbours.

TI:ME to share, if not barefoot TI:ME to kick off the shoes, touch the Earth and reflect:


From the four corners of the compass some of Earth's travellers arrive together. Others approach alone. Yet others will claim their arrival is spiritual. Whichever knowledge domain is the point of arrival, this provides the primary context.

The 21st century is the century of context: SITUATION

Flora + Fauna = 1

Flora + Fauna + Earth = 1

h2cm is not the starting point. We must bring experience, birth and death and all that is in-between to help solve our problems: transform attitudes. While we may be reaching for the stars there is nowhere to run.

taps our shoulder with increasing insistence. Who will turn and look her in the eye? The dare increases in magnitude moment by year. Avoidance of Nature’s gaze will not serve to protect, because we are already turning to shades of grey.

Comets were cast in the role of Hermes, the harbingers of tomorrow. Today, the appearance of contrails near the horizon is striking, so comet like; especially as they buzz the sun. In addition to finding h2cm there, what other messages are writ large in the sky? When will we once again see the stars reflected in the water hole?

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