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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Drupal, Northern England CHE group

It's been a busy week...

On Wednesday night the turnout for the 1st NW England Drupal user group was excellent. A great springboard for next month. I've ordered another book! The title reflects an aspirational air. Although search inside helps, there's nothing like having chance to open the book for real and scan. Especially, when you've also been shown (thanks Chris!) some basics of installation and must-have modules. So, if this blog suffers through the Solstice well you know why ;-).

Today, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park proved a great find for me; with Criggy and Andy there were just three of us for the Northern England CHE group meet. It was overcast and drizzled occasionally, but the conversation and exhibits ensured it was really warm and sunny. Walking and bike riding in the 90s around Grizedale Forest I remember Andy Goldsworthy's work: brilliant! Hope to go back before this exhibition ends in January. Strange how I'd seen it featured on the Culture Show - BBC 2 and the programme returned for a new series tonight.

Speaking with Andy travelling home, the Northern England human ecology group will meet again in March in Rivington (details tbc) when we'll probably cover well-being.

Back very soon... CBT and CMHNs: - Anyone for tennis?

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