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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Vectors Journal & links

This link and journal came via the Humanist Discussion Group:


There is always a tension between content and interface - what do you think? IMHO great delivery that has me hooked with THINKMESH and many other projects..... There are some code views in there too.

Here's a different more direct approach to giving - KIVA - supporting entrepreneurs in developing countries.

I'm waiting for a cloudy night to explore Stellarium - a free open source planetarium.

SHIFT Happens video if your perspectives seem limited. Over the years quite a few people have highlighted the need for a simple intro to Hodges' model. I wonder if this style of presentation could do the trick? Mmmmm...

Free (legal) music downloads at We7.

And last but not least Me.dium.com - a further development of social networking, music and virtual groups. I'm struggling with these as it is...

Thanks to David & Sue McKendrick, Danny J. and Chris Allen.
Bye for now.

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