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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Inner model

humanistic -------------------------------------------  mechanistic

'I beseech you to take interest in these sacred domains so expressively called laboratories. Ask that there be more and that they be adorned for these are the temples of the future, wealth and well-being. It is here that humanity will grow, strengthen and improve. Here, humanity will learn to read progress and individual harmony in the works of nature, while humanity's own works are all too often those of barbarism, fanaticism and destruction.'
Louis Pasteur (1822-1895)

Do we need more 'laboratories' in 2017?
Can we produce the researchers and other staff to fill the labs?
What labs should be prioritised?
What progress have we made in integrating knowledge since the time of Pasteur?
Does it matter?
How evidence-based is evidence-based?
Are laboratories more about analysis and hence reduction than synthesis?
Where are the social sciences exactly?

Happy New Year!

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