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Monday, May 29, 2017

Conceptual Blending - Glocalisation


verb tr.: To make a product or service available widely, but adapted for local markets.

A blend of global and localize. Earliest documented use: 1989.

“Communications have also been glocalized. Facebook, the global power on the rise, is an expression of this.”
Uri Savir; Glocalization; Jerusalem Post (Israel); Feb 24, 2012.

with Anu Garg

This week’s theme
Portmanteau (blend words) 

I've been subscribed to A.Word.A.Day for many years and could not resist posting this word based on the current week's theme and musings...
  • Conceptual blending
  • Blended learning
  • Blended family
Self care + Health care (the multidisciplinary team) + Social care (family/friends as carers) + State care = Blended care

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Jones P. (2014). Using a conceptual framework to explore the dimensions of recovery and their relationship to service user choice and self-determination. International Journal of Person Centered Medicine. Vol 3, No 4, (2013) pp.305-311.